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IBM SPSS Modeler Entity Analytics (V15)

formación IBM SPSS Modeler Entity Analytics (V15)

Descripción: Curso IBM SPSS Modeler Entity Analytics (V15)

Formación en IBM Analytics

This eLearning offering is a multimedia vignette, and is a collection of presentations and product demonstrations that introduce you to the features and capabilities of an IBM Cognos application. Using video and audio, each multimedia demonstration within the vignette shows you how to perform an essential task using an IBM Cognos application.

IBM SPSS Modeler Entity Analytics (V15) is a vignette training course that teaches users of IBM SPSS Modeler Premium what entity analytics is, how it works, and how it has been used to help various organizations. This course also discusses how entity analytics identifies duplicate records, and how to configure the resolution engine, as well as how results from entity analytics can be used in streams, for example, to build or score models.

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Formación IBM




  • Course Objectives
  • Pre-requisites

Introduction to Entity Analytics

  • Introduction to Entity Analytics
  • What is Entity Analytics
  • How does Entity Analytics work
  • Applications
  • Demonstration

Resolving Entities

  • Concepts
  • Creating the Repository
  • Using the Pre-configured Repository
  • Configuration of the Repository
  • Populating the Repository
  • Demonstration

Analyzing the Resolved Entities

  • Importing from the Repository
  • Using the results in the Repository
  • Demonstration

Resolving New Cases

  • The EA Streaming node
  • Resolving new cases against the repository


  • Discussion questions
  • Additional Training Resources

This basic course is intended for new users of IBM SPSS Modeler Premium.

You should have:

  • Completion of the course "Introduction to IBM SPSS Modeler and Data Mining" or experience in analyzing data with IBM SPSS Modeler.

Please refer to Course Overview.

  • Código: 0D0W4
  • Metodología: WBT
  • Duración: 0.2 Días
  • Habilidades: IBM Analytics
  • Áreas: IBM Analytics
  • Precio:Consultar

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