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Clustering and Association Models with IBM SPSS Modeler - SPVC

formación Clustering and Association Models with IBM SPSS Modeler - SPVC

Descripción: Curso Clustering and Association Models with IBM SPSS Modeler - SPVC

Formación en IBM Analytics

This is the self-paced training version of the Clustering and Association Modeling using IBM SPSS Modeler (V15) classroom course. Clustering and Association Modeling using IBM SPSS Modeler (V15) is a one day self-paced course designed to introduce participants to two specific classes of modeling that are available in IBM SPSS Modeler: clustering and associations. Participants will explore various clustering techniques that are often employed in market segmentation studies. Participants will also explore how to create association models to find rules describing the relationships among a set of items, and how to create sequence models to find rules describing the relationships over time among a set of items.

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Introduction to Association and Cluster Modeling

  • Clustering
  • Association Rules
  • Sequence Detection
  • Which Technique, When?

Techniques for Clustering

  • Clustering Principles
  • Explore K-Means Clustering
  • Examine the K-Means Node
  • Explore Clustering Profiles
  • Clustering with a Kohenen Network
  • Examine the Kohenen Node
  • TwoStep Clustering
  • Examine the TwoStep algorithm
  • The TwoStep Dialog

Association Rules

  • Examine the Apriori association detection algorithm
  • Explore the Type Node for rule association
  • Explore the Apriori Model Node dialog
  • Identify browsing rules and display statistics
  • Use the Associations
  • Explore the Generate Ruleset dialog
  • Examine the Ruleset in a stream

Deploy and Configure a Dynamic Cube

  • Association Rules
  • Explore the Apriori algorithm
  • Explore the Carma algorithm
  • Apriori Expert Options
  • Explore Apriori Evaluation Measures
  • Carma Expert Options
  • Choosing a method and Expert Options
  • Missing Data with Association Rules

Sequence Detection

  • Data discussion
  • Adding a Sequence Node
  • Explore Sequences
  • Rulesets
  • Rule support
  • Sorting Rulesets
  • Model Predictions

Advanced Sequence Detection

  • Explore the Sequence Node
  • The Sequence Node Expert options
  • Examine Time field guidelines
  • Generate Sequence Results
  • Generate and edit the Ruleset
  • Explore the results

This intermediate course is for IBM SPSS Modeler Analysts.

You should have:

  • Experience in using IBM SPSS Modeler, including a familiarity with the IBM SPSS Modeler environment, creating streams, reading in data files, assessing data quality and handling missing data including:
    • Type and Data Audit nodes
    • Basic data manipulation (including Derive and Select nodes)
    • and Creation of models

Please refer to course overview for description information.

  • Código: 0E044
  • Metodología: SPVC
  • Duración: 1.0 Días
  • Habilidades: IBM Analytics
  • Áreas: IBM Analytics
  • Precio:Consultar

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