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Fundamentals of IBM Curam Workflow for Developers 6.0.4

formación Fundamentals of IBM Curam Workflow for Developers 6.0.4

Descripción: Curso Fundamentals of IBM Curam Workflow for Developers 6.0.4

Formación en IBM Analytics

Workflow supports the automation of business processes and allows work to be routed among individuals, departments, and the automated parts of the system. Workflow process definitions describe the sequence of activities that make up a business process. IBM Curam Social Program Management (SPM) applications provide workflow process definitions to support a wide range of business processes to bring efficiency benefits to organizations. This course covers the development, implementation, and runtime maintenance of workflow processes using the IBM Curam Process Definition Tool (PDT). The course also describes how workflow integrates with the rest of the IBM Curam Social Program Management (SPM).

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  • Workflow concepts and benefits
  • The role of the Process Definition Tool in defining IBM Curam workflows
  • Creating workflow data
  • The activity types supported by IBM Curam Workflow and their respective purposes
  • The role of allocation strategies in IBM Curam -defined workflows
  • The role played by tasks and notifications in IBM Curam -defined workflows

This intermediate course is aimed at developers and technical architects.

You must have completed:

  • Fundamentals of the IBM Curam SPM Platform for Developers 6.0.4 (9D320)
  • or any previous version of the developer fundamentals course.

In addition, you should have achieved certification as a Curam developer.

  • Use the PDT to create and manage process definitions
  • Define Workflow Data Objects (WDO) and mappings to share data among activities
  • Implement process definitions using flow control features, such as Splits, Joins, and Loops
  • Create process definitions with a mix of manual and automatic activities
  • Develop work allocation strategies
  • Implement events to enact a workflow process instance
  • Develop and configure tasks and notifications
  • Código: 9D420
  • Metodología: ILT
  • Duración: 4.0 Días
  • Habilidades: IBM Analytics
  • Áreas: IBM Analytics
  • Precio:Consultar

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