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IBM Cognos BI: Manage BI Projects (V10.1)

formación IBM Cognos BI: Manage BI Projects (V10.1)

Descripción: Curso IBM Cognos BI: Manage BI Projects (V10.1)

Formación en Cognos

IBM Cognos BI: Manage BI Projects (V10.1) is a two-day, instructor-led course that provides participants with essential knowledge to ensure the success of their Cognos 10 BI implementation. Participants will be introduced to the IBM Cognos Solutions Implementation Methodology (IBM CSIM), the elements of IBM Cognos 10 BI, and the underlying architecture. They will examine the process of creating an IBM Cognos 10 BI solution, and discuss how IBM Cognos 10 BI relates to the other parts of IBM Cognos 10, and review how the IBM Cognos 10 implementation methodology complements top Project Management methodologies. Participants will be shown a range of resources to help them successfully manage their implementations.

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Introduction to Essentials for Managing BI Projects

  • Limitations with traditional reporting
  • The evolution of the BI market
  • The need for a BI enterprise solution
  • Success criteria for a BI enterprise solution
  • The appropriate approach for implementing a BI project
  • The IBM Cognos Solutions Implementation Methodology (IBM Cognos SIM)
  • The value of knowing business unit perspectives
  • Project roles and responsibilities
  • The importance of training

Analyze Data Requirements

  • How do organizations think dimensionally about their data
  • Dimensions, facts, and granularity
  • The function of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a business and with scorecards and other BI components
  • Common data sources, data architecture designs, and industry terminology
  • Dimensional modeling and conformed dimensions

Analyze User Requirements

  • Identify how to establish project goals and requirements
  • Use the interview process as a means to determine business and data requirements of users
  • Create a dimension map from KPIs
  • Discuss how to choose a business area to prototype
  • Enrich the basic dimension map

Analyze Reporting and Infrastructure Requirements

  • What is the difference between Reporting, Querying, Analysis, Scorecarding, and Event Management
  • How does the 'Analyze then Query' approach provide the BI solution for an enterprise
  • Identify different categories of users
  • Identify the appropriate IBM Cognos product to meet requirements
  • Examine IBM Cognos 10 BI architecture and security

Design, Build, Deploy, and Operate

  • Considerations for designing and building BI applications
  • Testing and deploying BI applications
  • Operating and maintaining BI applications
  • Integrate BI with TM1

This course is intended for Project Managers and Implementation Team Stakeholders.

  • Knowledge of Performance Management (PM) concepts
  • An understanding of your organization's business intelligence process and reporting needs
  • Experience using the Windows operating system
  • Experience using a Web browser
  • Basic knowledge of IBM Cognos 10 BI and IBM Cognos Connection (recommended)

Please refer to Course Overview for description information.

  • Código: B5132
  • Metodología: ILT
  • Duración: 2.0 Horas
  • Habilidades: Cognos
  • Áreas: Cognos
  • Precio:Consultar

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